Jack Briscoe

Peg Stanford, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, remembers Jack Briscoe...

Jack Briscoe passed away at the age of 74 on May 2, 2017.  Jack was a strong leader with COPA during its founding years through his involvement with First Methodist Church in Salinas.  Jack always had a smile and an encouraging word for new leaders like me.  I remember Jack as a person who thought outside of the box and often saw the issues COPA was dealing with in a different light, and he had a way of communicating this understanding that moved COPA forward in a positive direction.  Jack was very active in the efforts to pass Measure V in Salinas.  When Measure V passed, Jack was appointed to the Oversight Committee where he served for several years.  All of us who knew him will remember his smile, his kind ways and his humor.  For Jack's obituary, click here.

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