COPA leaders are people within our institutions who conduct 1-1 relational meetings or organize small group ("house") meetings to look for other leaders or to surface concerns in their community.  Leaders participate with others on institutional organizing teams and on issue strategy teams.  COPA is guided by a Regional Strategy Team that focuses on the overall health of the organization - its budget, its member institutions, and its base of leaders.


COPA's Regional Strategy Team for 2019-20 is...

  • Mary Litel-Walsh, Resurrection Catholic
  • Maria Rocha, Assumption Catholic
  • Jack Herbig, St. Mary's by the Sea Episcopal
  • Maria Elena Manzo, Sacred Heart Catholic
  • Lupe Jara, St. Francis Xavier Catholic
  • Rev. Robin Mathews-Johnson, Watsonville First United Methodist
  • Sally Torres, Sacred Heart Catholic
  • Rev. Vicky Elder, Unity of Monterey Bay
  • Father Martin Juarez, San Pablo Episcopal
  • Mark Linder, St. Stephen's Lutheran

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