The Kathy Ruiz Goldenkranz Fund


Supporting the training of new leaders in the skills of public life 

Kathy was a key leader in COPA since the founding of the organization, exemplifying the values of what it means to be a leader in a broad-based organization:

  • Continually developing, learning and growing
  • Looking for other potential leaders to bring along
  • Fostering imagination for a better world
  • Driving forward with a “cold anger” about injustice and suffering

Kathy’s leadership development through COPA occurred in various ways, both formal and informal.  The primary way that COPA develops leaders is through one-on-one reflection and evaluation with professional organizers.  COPA’s organizers are trained and developed by the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the nation’s largest and oldest broad-based organizing network.  COPA’s organizers also put together more formal local trainings – sometimes for one evening or afternoon, occasionally for a full day or even an entire weekend.  COPA’s relationship with the IAF allows us to bring in other organizers from around the country to support these trainings when needed.  Every summer, the IAF organizes an 8-Day National Training, the most thorough presentation of our organizing philosophy and tactics.  The IAF hosts condensed versions of this curriculum in 3-Day or 5-Day Regional Trainings.  The Kathy Ruiz-Goldenkranz Fund will create the opportunity for COPA to get more emerging leaders into local, regional and national training opportunities.

Celebrate Kathy’s legacy and support emerging new leaders…

$50                Contributes to local training work with new leaders

$100              Sponsors a new leader at a local COPA 3-Day Training

$250              Pays for travel expenses for a new leader attending regional training

$500              Supports a new leader attending a Regional IAF 3-Day Training

$1000            Supports a new leader attending Regional IAF 5-Day Training

$1500            Supports a new leader attending IAF National Training

$2500            Sponsors a local 3-Day IAF training for up to 50 new leaders

$5000            Sponsors a local 3-Day IAF Training for up to 100 new leaders

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